TROA Begins!

After nearly three decades of negotiation and preparations, the Truckee River Operating Agreement (TROA) has been enacted in the Truckee basin in California and Nevada.  Precision, in association with the TROA Planning Office, has been developing the technical tools for over 10 years that are to be used to implement the historic agreement.  The TROA Administrators Office is tasked with implementing TROA and Precision is working with the Administrator to coordinate scheduling, backward-looking accounting, operations, forecasting, and coordination with all of the TROA parties.  

Precision Begins work for Reclamation’s Eastern Colorado Area Office

Precision has partnered with the Eastern Colorado Area Office of the United States Bureau of Reclamation to support model development and usage in the Frying Pan Arkansas project as well as with the Colorado Big Thompson Project.  These are two of Colorado’s largest and most prominent trans-basin diversion projects.  Precision is excited to partner with the ECAO to develop, update, and utilize several new and existing RiverWare models, as well as work with stakeholders, to better manage the waters and perform important analyses in two of the state’s largest and most historically significant water projects.