Water for the Seasons (2014-2018) 

Precision teamed with the University of Nevada Reno, the Desert Research Institute, and the USGS to win a $3.8 million competitive grant from the National Science Foundation and the United States Department of Agriculture, to perform a four year climate change study focused on the Truckee and Carson Basins in northern Nevada and California.  The project aims to integrate science and water policy research with extensive community outreach to identify the expected impacts of climate change and solutions for protecting valuable water resources throughout northern Nevada, and by extension to inform climate change solutions to snow-fed arid lands worldwide. Precision will be conducting the operations modeling component of the study.

Truckee Basin Study (2012-2015) 

Precision teamed with MWH Global and the Desert Research Institute to conduct the Truckee Basin Study.  The department of the Interior's WaterSmart program identified several key western river basins for its Basin Study program to determine the potential impacts of climate change, and to identify measures to reduce potential supply-demand imbalances into the future.  Precision conducted all of the modeling associated with this study using the Truckee-Carson RiverWare Planning Model, and played a key role in the technical analysis.